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The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (Andragoški center Republike Slovenije), SIAE, is the main national adult education institution, and has been active in research, development, education, guidance and promotion in Slovenia since 1991. Their main goal is to ensure the accessibility and quality of education and learning for all inhabitants of Slovenia, in accordance to the principles of freedom of choice and equal opportunities. They contribute to the development of human beings in cultural and social environment. They help Slovenian citizens who are educated and involved in lifelong learning, able of facing changes and determined to constantly improve their living and working environments.

Since it was founded, the SIAE has professionally supported and cooperated with several adult education organisations and other non-governmental organisations; it prepares professional bases and evaluations and monitors the development of the adult education system; it develops various non-formal and formal types of learning; it develops programmes to improve adult literacy and it pays particular attention to improving access to education and learning to vulnerable groups of adults.

Therefore, it develops the necessary infrastructure to support learning, develops models for quality self-evaluation and provides professional education and training for adult educators.

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