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Associação Centro InterculturaCidade

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Associação Centro InterculturaCidade

Travessa do Convento de Jesus, 16 A
1200-126 Lisboa
Tel : (+351) 21 820 76 57

ACI (Associação Centro InterculturaCidade) is a non-profit association whose aims are the social action and the local development in relation to education and cooperation to improve life conditions in urban and rural environments.

ACI fights for the migrant communities in Portugal, and actively takes part in helping the most disadvantaged areas in those communities, so that the civic participation is reached, their identities respected and the diversity valued.

ACI participates in local, national and international activities; in researches; in formal and non-formal education; in longlife learning and in promotion of the intercultural citizenship.

See online : ACI - Associação Centro InterculturaCidade

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