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Finalisation meeting Brussels 2012

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Last June, the Eur-Alpha networks’ partners met for the fifth time. About forty participants gathered to organize the final event of the Eur-Alpha project that will take place in Bonn (Germany) on the 4th September.

The Tutors Scientific Committee, the Consortium and the Learners Scientific Committee worked separately but also in plenary to decide the format of the publications, finalize its content and talk about other important matters related to the Bonn conference and the future of the network.

The learners had a great diversity of tasks and the most multilingual ones. With the help of a community theatre professional, they prepared a play to bring their Manifesto to life. Their work, done in five languages, required a bilingual facilitator, French-English interpreters and support persons for Spanish, Dutch and German.

The idea of the Manifesto (Catalan term) was born during the first learners workshop in April 2010. Twenty months later, the final version was approved in Lisbon. The Manifesto is a protest document in which learners stress the right to education for all and explain what should be improved so that their voice can be heard and respected.

Furthermore, the learners recorded some video-testimonies to show how literacy changed their lives and what the Eur-Alpha network brought to them.

Without any doubt, there were three hard-working days but we didn’t miss out on laughters and good times. After a lively dinner in the city centre to end the meeting, the partners said goodbye, knowing that they will see each other very shortly.

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