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Introducing Namur 2010

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Literacy let’s speak about it!

European meeting of literacy learners.

A one week meeting with learners

  • who attend basic skills or literacy and numeracy courses
  • who come from different European countries

One week

  • to know each other, to hear about the countries other learners are coming from, to learn about Europe
  • to exchange and compare different experiences and opinions about learning/training (illiteracy / literacy / numeracy / basic skills)
  • to put together everyone’s expertise as to develop / improve quality in literacy/basic skills learning

One week

  • with different languages : English, French, German and Spanish
  • to live a rich experience in a creative workshop
  • to be involved in a workshop with facilitators / trainees coming from inside and outside

One week

  • Where? In Namur (Wépion), a little city in southern French-speaking Belgium
  • When? April 2010 from Sunday 11 to Saturday 17
  • How much? completely free
  • accommodation, travel expenses and other expenses linked to the event will be covered by Lire et Ecrire (within the European Life Long Learning Grundtvig programme)

A registration form

  • to be downloaded
  • to be sent before March 15 2010 (deadline) (Note: There are still places for “non-belgian” learners. Please let us know, until Friday March 19, if you apply! Forms can reach in the next week.)
  • the fulfilled registration form is to be sent to :
    Lire et Ecrire Communauté française
    12, rue Charles VI
    1210 Bruxelles

Contact : Nadia Baragiola
Phone : + 32 (0) 2 502 72 01

PDF - 70 kb
Namur 2010 - Presentation
Deutsch - English - Español - français
Word - 342 kb
Namur 2010 - Application form
English - français

If learners wish to be accompanied, their learning center is asked to get in touch with Nadia Baragiola to Lire et Ecrire.

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