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Presentation of the learners’ workshop - Barcelona (Spain)

What’s your opinion? European learners’ voices on best practices in the field of Literacy

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Learners made an appointment in October for their second meeting (24—30 October 2011).

The workshop, organised by FACEPA in the region of Barcelona, is linked to the work of the Learners’ scientific committee in the Eur-Alpha network. After the first learners’ workshop in Namur, which has been very participatory and exciting, FACEPA wants to go on working on the same lines, providing new and interesting experiences.

Title of the workshop

What’s your opinion? European learners’ voices on best practices in the field of Literacy


The participants arrive on Monday 24 and leave on Sunday 30 October 2011.

FACEPA will book a venue near Barcelona for the participants.


Adult Learners attending basic skills or literacy and numeracy courses coming from different European countries

The Spanish National Agency can fund the costs of maximum 20 participants.

The criteria to be a potential candidate are the following:

  • Non-spanish participants have the priority;
  • Proportionality must be respected (max. 3 learners of the same country);
  • Priority is given to the learners who are involved in a group of learners in their country;


FACEPA asked to the Spanish National Agency to receive an extra subsidy to finance the travel and accomodation costs of a ’support person’ for each learners’ group.

This person will help the learners to travel to Barcelona, will translate if necessary and support the learners in all activities. This was a specific request from the participants who felt they needed more support to have a fruitful workshop.

If the Spanish agency agrees to fund some ’support persons’, FACEPA will write a specific application form for them.

What are the costs?

The participation to the workshop is free. The travel and accommodation costs are met by the Spanish National Agency.

However, the European Commission decided that a person can only receive one european grant every three years. Therefore,the learners who already received a grant for Namur should get in touch with FACEPA in order to find a solution with Eur-Alpha.

What are the working languages in the workshop?

The working languages are Spanish, French, English, German, and others. Our common language will be English. FACEPA will hire interpreters to assure an effective communication.

What will we do during this workshop?

We will have three kinds of activities:

  • The presentation of good practices. A part of this workshop is based on successful practices collected from Eur-Alpha members and other associations working with learners in Europe . FACEPA will select some practices and they will be tested by the learners during the workshop. That will allow us to see what is concretely done in other countries and inspire us to do new things in our country.
  • The writing of the Manifesto. The Manifesto is a charter for literacy that Eur-Alpha’ scientific Committee started to write. It will be presented to the learners and they will work on it to obtain a possible definitive version.
  • Cultural and artistic activities. FACEPA wanted to integrate cultural visits in the workshop namely visits of Gaudi’s masterpieces and visits to learners’ associations in Barcelona. These activities will not be "tourist activities”, but cultural learning activities that will enrich the learners.

We will also participate in a special event:

At the end of the week, learners will have the incredible opportunity to participate in Congress of Learners in Literacy with around 300 learners coming from all over Spain.

FACEPA dedicated a time during the week to prepare the learners’ intervention during the Congress. Learners will exchange their experiences in the round tables and share ideas for the improvement of literacy . We are sure it will be a memorable experience for everybody and one highlight of the workshop.

You can dowload the detailed program of the workshop

What should we bring?

In first instance,you should come with motivation to share, learn, discuss and help each other. FACEPA will send you more instructions after the first pre-registration to the workshop.

How can we register?

To register you need to fill out the application form and send it by mail before May 15, 2011 to with Learners’ Workshop- Barcelona as subject.


If you want more information, you can contact FACEPA

Av. Via Laietana, 41, 1º 1º.
08003 Barcelona
Tel: +34 933152969
PDF - 60.8 kb
EN-provisional program-Barcelona
Word - 95 kb
EN-Application Form- Barcelona

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