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Eur-Alpha, a network that publishes and disseminates

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After three years of work, it’s time to stop and ponder the road we have travelled.

In our final publication Enhancing the power to take action, you will find information about the way we worked and the lessons we have learned.

Among others :

  • the richness but also the difficulty to work in a mixed group of representatives from associations, tutors and learners,
  • the difficulty to reach tutors and the challenges of working in a multilingual environment with learners,
  • Let’s not forget the joy to see that, accross Europe, emancipative practices are used to involve learners in so many different ways,
  • and FINALLY, the hope to see the Eur-Alpha network turning into the very first European network of literacy learners.

Our final publication is also available in French

The learners Manifesto

During their first workshop in Namur (Belgium) in April 2010, learners visited the European parliament and it triggered the will to write a package of demands.

Under the supervision of FACEPA, the catalan association that manage the Learners scientific Committee, this package of demands takes the name of Manifesto.

In the following months, learners in local groups accross Europe are consulted to shape the content of the Manifesto.

In Barcelona in October 2011, the members of the Learners Committee and the participants to the workshop agree in a common version in English.

Two months later, the Learners scientific Committee approves the final version that you can now download in Dutch, English, French,German, Portuguese, Slovene and Spanish.

The tutors Charter

To contribute to the realisation of the objective to "improve teaching practices favouring self–determination and participation of learners", the Tutors scientific Committee started to define common concepts and agree on appropriate translations.

Then, rich of their experience and armed with ressources elaborated in their own countries, the members of the Committee proposed a few guidelines ( roles, attitudes, methodologies) to enable tutors to support learners to become self-sufficient and actively involved in society.

The Charter is available in English, French and Spanish

Impact Researches (English only)

All publications

Enhancing the power to take action: available in EN and FR

The learners Manifesto: available in DE, in EN, in ES, in FR, PT, SL and in NL

The tutors Charter: available in EN, ES, SL and FR

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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