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FACEPA - es, Catalonia

Federació d’Associacions Culturals i Educatives de Persones Adultes

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We are a non-profit organization that works in the field of education and culture to promote the overcoming of social inequalities, public participation in all its aspects and relationships of solidarity between individuals and collectives.

Av. Via Laietana, 41, 1º 1º
08003 Barcelona
tel.: +34 933 15 29 69

FACEPA is formed by associations of people who mostly have not easy access to cultural and educational resources and, therefore, are more at risk of social exclusion. People who represent FACEPA don’t charge for his involvement in adult’s education and have no university degree; they traditionally don’t have access to decisions about public life and politics, or are considered as non-participatory.

From FACEPA we work together in order to promote the direct participation in the social, cultural, educational, political and economic scopes. We work around promoting associative movements understood as movements that confer strength to all those groups that want to voice their demands and needs. In that way we build a democratic, fair and supportive society from the creation of spaces for participation. Day by day, FACEPA demonstrate that participation basically generates participating and deciding. In this way we create spaces to discuss and share our opinions. The objective is to develop educational and cultural proposals, develop community training based on equality of opportunity and promote the community. We bring our opinions and demands into the public debate and fight against all inequalities and all exclusions whether they are based on gender, ethnicity, culture, age, educational or economical status, etc… In FACEPA we are in contact with people from all around the world.

The Confederate FACEPA is state-wide in CONFACEPA (Confederation of Federations and Associations of participants in education and democratic culture for adult people).

As a Federation we participate and we are part of other organizations and social movements. In particular, we are part of, among others, the Third Social Sector of Catalonia and the Platform against Gender Violence.

Our lines of action are:

  • Media literacy and participation
  • Literary and dialogical music gatherings
  • Participant’s rights. Participation of literacy learners.
  • Intercultural Dialogue
  • Gender: Inclusion of voices of other women (women without academic degree).
  • Learners’ Associations support
  • European Projects

See online : FACEPA

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