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Call to the groups of learners

Learners take the floor!

Wednesday 20 April 2011

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Call to the groups of learners

The self-determination of learners comes from their voicing of opinion and their active participation. If you work with groups of learners with this philosophy, let us know!

You involve learners in the conception of an awareness campaign? They train to communicate in te media? They form a network with its own structure? The group writes a blog? You use other innovative techniques?

Other groups of learners could benefit from your experience!

Who is concerned?

Any groups of learners learning the basic skills : speak, read, write, calculate, etc..

What is the aim?

Each group is invited to

  1. present itself, tell more about its story and its project
  2. take part in the writing of the Manifesto
  3. send a description of an activity the group did

Remark: the contribution must absolutely contain the first point (presentation of the group); each group can choose or not to answer the points 2 and 3.

How to answer this call?

The group send an email to

The content of this mail comes from the learners: that can be a video, a powerpoint with the pictures and voices of learners, an album or a book, a computer file or any other medium decided by the group.

This mail can be done in the language of the group. However, a text written in English or French must be enclosed to present the contribution of the group.

To help you answer this call, you can download the guideline and a short presentation of Eur-Alpha to present the project to the learners.


The groups can send their contribution any time. A first deadline was set up for 31 August 2011. That will allow a first presentation during the International Day of Literacy on 8 september. Those contributions will also help prepare the Barcelona workshop in October.

Final Presentation

In September 2012, an event will be organised in Bonn (Germany) : the contributions of the learners will be presented and highlighted.

Role of the trainer

The floor belongs to the learners : it’s the contribution of the group of learners that must be send.

The contributions should be collected as close to the reality as possible without being interpreted by the trainer. For that purpose, the use of a video camera could be interesting.

The role of the trainer is nevertheless very important: He can help the learners to express themselves as clearly as possible by asking useful questions. You will find some examples of questions in the guideline to lead the discussion.


Any additional information can be asked to FACEPA, the organisation that leads the scientific Committee for learners by sending an email to

PDF - 33.1 kb
Guideline to answer the call
Word - 29.5 kb
Presentation of Eur-Alpha

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